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Alicja is a mixed-media and oil painter.

Her love for art began as far back as when she was a child and heard about oil paints for the first time.  By the age of 20, she decided to be an artist professionally. With her art she wants people to feel empowerment, courage, and appreciation for the beauty and magic in life.



Her main inspiration for paintings are emotions and feelings. She finds something enchanting in them, the way they are expressed, or how they can be felt inside. Another thing that inspires her art process is the beauty of nature.

The sky with all it's colours and weather moodiness are something that Alicja loves to be inspired by while creating colour palette for her paintings.

IMG_20230111_102334 (1).jpg

"I would describe my style as abstract realism. Through abstract, I want people to immerse in their fantasy and through realism, they can relate to the peace. Doesn't matter if it's human or animal in the painting because they are all just a way to represent what's the meaning beneath it."

-part of an interview done by Nadine Hamilton


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